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Build your dream home with our Basic Package at just Rs. 1650/sq. ft. Expert construction services for quality living. Affordable, transparent, and reliable – your perfect home awaits!

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Quality Construction And Interiors is a team of highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated designers. Since 2015, our firm has been a leading provider of architecture and interior design services to clients in town. We pay close attention to every requirement specified by our clients. We have recently expanded our services to these locations, including, Nagpur, Amravati and Yavatmal in 2023.

Starts From ₹1650 Per Sq. Ft.

Create your dream home with our Basic Package starting at Rs. 1650/sq. ft. We provide expert construction services for comfortable and high-quality living. Our services are affordable, transparent, and reliable. Your perfect home is within reach!


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Working Details

1. Excavation Work: Digging for Column Foundation (4x4x4 Feet).
2. Footing And Foundation: Fill Aggregates, Build Columns, and Foundation Beams.
3. RCC WORK: Construct Columns, Beams, and Roof Slab.
4. Brickwork: Build Walls up to 10 Feet (Outer Walls 9 Inches, Inner, and Compound Walls 6 Inches).
5. Plaster Work: Apply Indoor and Outdoor Wall Plaster.
6. Tiling Work: Install Indoor Flooring Tiles (Vitrified, Size=2×4), Staircase Steps Tiles, and Bathroom Wall Tiles (Up to 5 Feet).
7. Electric Fitting: Include Piping, Wiring, Switches, and Boards.
8. Plumbing Work: Install Plumbing Piping for Kitchen and Bathrooms.
9. Doors & Windows:
– Main Door: Sagwan (3.5×6 Feet)
– Other Doors: Hardwood Ply Board
– Bathroom Doors: Aluminium
– Windows: Aluminium & Glass
– Door Frames: Cement
10. Wall Paint: Paint Indoor Walls with 2 Coats of Putty, Sanding, 1 Coat of Primer & 2 Coats of Paint. Outdoor Walls: 1 Coat of Primer & 2 Coats of Paint.
11. Kitchen Work: Otta Top with Black Granite.
12. Septic Tank: Designed for up to 5 Members.
13. Front Elevation: Stainless Steel Railing (302 Grade) for Staircase with Double Pipe Design.
14. Compound Walls: Height of 6 Feet.
15. False Ceiling: Gypsum Single Layered Design.

Material Details

1. Cement: Choose from UltraTech or Dalmia.
2. Steel Bars: Priced between 55-60 per kg.
3. Bricks & Aggregate Material: Tailored to match the plan and layout requirements.
4. Doors:
– Main Door: Sagwan (3’6”x6′ Feet)
– Other Doors: Plywood Board (As per size)
5. Electric Fitting: Use Polycab or RR KABEL wires, switches, and boxes.
6. Plumbing Fitting: Opt for Astral or Finolex pipes.
7. Windows: Aluminium & Glass with Iron Grill.
8. Sanitary Ware: Kajariya or Jaquar.
9. False Ceiling: Gypsum (Single Layered).
10. Main Gate: Iron & Cera Sheet (Up to Weight 70-90 Kgs).
11. Tiling & Granite:
– Floor Tile (Vitrified, 2×4, Rs. 35-45/Sq. Ft.)
– Granite (Rs. 100-120/Sq. Ft.)


Note: The provided information includes planning, execution, supervision, labor, and transportation. However, design work for specific elements like Lighting Fixtures, Gardening, Furniture, Paver Blocks, and other decorative items or interior decoration is not included in the budget.

Mode Of Payment

1. Project Initiation and Design Phase (5%):
– Initial payment covering project assessment, site analysis, client requirements, planning, drawings, 3D elevation, and design development.

2. Site Preparation (10%):
– Payment for clearing the construction site, excavation, foundation preparation, and utilities.

3. Foundation and Structural Work (10%):
– Payment for pouring the foundation, erecting the structural frame, and related work.

4. Framing and Roofing (20%):
– Payment for framing the structure, including walls, roof trusses, and sheathing.

5. Exterior Work (10%):
– Payment for exterior finishes, such as siding, windows, doors, and roofing materials.

6. Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC (15%):
– Payment for the installation of plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems.

7. Insulation and Drywall (10%):
– Payment for insulating the house and installing drywall.

8. Exterior and Interior Finishes (10%):
– Payment for exterior and interior finishes, including paint, flooring, and trim.

9. Final Inspection and Punch List (5%):
– Payment for the final inspection, addressing any remaining issues, and completing the project.

10. Project Completion (5%):
– Final payment upon successful project completion and client acceptance.

Note: These payment milestones offer a structured billing approach, facilitating financial management for both the construction firm and the client. It’s crucial to tailor the payment structure to the project’s unique scope and client requirements, adhering to legal and industry standards.

We specialize in managing both turnkey and fee-structure projects. Our fee structure involves a 7% charge on projects up to 1000 sq. ft. in size. For projects exceeding 1000 sq. ft., a standard charge of 5% of the total cost is applied for planning and execution.

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